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We have a decade of property management well entrenched into our DNA. So here at RENT 360 we have all bases covered. We are consciously aware company that understands the dynamics of tenant/landlord relationships. This already delicate relationship has other elements that complicate it: tenants who are students transitioning into  adulthood and so lots of guidance and patience need to be exercised. Community groups also feel that students may affect their suburbs. And there is a  range of other complexities. As the management company we address these issues and others in open, honest and communicative ways.

We’re the middle man. The in-between. The go-between We got the interests of both our clients: landlords and tenants. Every lock has it’s key and we know where they fit.

Rent 360 is as its name says three hundred & sixty

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Student Accommodation
We have a large range of private accommodation available. From single rooms to studio apartments.
Property Management
A turnkey solution for property owners.
Cottages, bachelors and flats for young professionals and post graduate students.
Quick turnaround for maintenance issues.
We have 100’s of NSFAS accredited beds available.

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With our office in the epicenter of Joburg’s tertiary institutions

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