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Rent 360 has honed in on students and young professionals as our primary target for tenants.

If you’re looking for a house share in Joburg, a single room, a sharing room, a self-contained unit – we’ve definitely got something that suits you.

With great houses in Auckland Park, Westdene, Melville, Brixton, Hursthill and Sophiatown we most certainly accommodate the up and coming generation.

Affordability, security and quality dwellings are at the cornerstone of what we offer. All our properties are close to public transport options and other amenities. Particularly as a student, our off-campus accommodation is close to many of Joburg’s tertiary institutions: University of Johannesburg (UJ), WITS, AFDA, Rosebank College and others.

Our places are all semi-furnished. So if you’re in a single room you’ll always have a bed, a desk, chair and wardrobe. And the communal areas are kitted with a microwave, stove and fridge.

You need to bring your own bedding and cooking stuff. And while we do provide a cleaner once week, for the in between days, you need to supply your own cleaning goods.

We expect all our tenants to up hold the code of conduct – which is really just about ensuring a respectful and considerate environment for everyone living on the premises.

Part of the code of conduct though are specific DO’s and DON’T’, some these are:

  • NO bar heaters – this is for safety and electricity reasons. This is not negotiable. Should a bar heater be found in you room it will be confiscated.
  • NO loud music
  • DO clean your room regularly

Ultimately, everything we do is to ensure that the commune, house share, flat or cottage that you live in is kept clean, secure and quality for all of our tenants.